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His Harvest Ministries

Newsletter June 2011

HHM is ” A Voice For the Poor”. Missionary Soyla Gloria Radcliff currently serves as President and Director of His Harvest Ministries.

With the prayers and support of friends and partners around the country, HHM presents a creative and relevant message of Christ and His love for all peoples.

HHM provides humanitarian aid to hurting people and is teaching Christians and non-Christians alike how to enjoy everyday life by applying biblical principles in all they do.

We reach out to hundreds of the poor, widows and orphans by distributing food, clothing, shoes, medications, toiletries, school supplies, etc. and much more every month.

HHM goes into valleys, like Coyolito and the surrounding cities and also into Islands such as Roatan, Amapala, plus, into the mountains of Australia, La Laguna, Orica. HHM also reaches out to many people on the streets of Tegucigalpa and is very active in feeding many people in the dump and poverished areas in Honduras

Over the years HHM has planted two churches in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, both on opposite sides of the city of Tegucigalpa, where leadership and discipleship training continues.

HHM has worked hand in hand, along side of other ministries, such as with Marcus, building small houses, with others feeding the poor, helped in drilling water wells, alongside the Episcopalian Church people. And HHM has had the Honor and privileged to have several church groups join alongside working on projects such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, schooling, teaching, school supplies, medical brigades, dentist work, eye doctors, and much more.

HHM is much need of Volunteer help.

· We need workers with a vision to win the lost and help the poor.

· We need people that are willing to raise funds to cover the cost of a project and be part of the work that is being done.

PROJECT: The Ministry is stretching out in all angles to effectively serve the Lord in Honduras. Plans are in the making to build another facility on the Mountain of Orica. There will be a building where Worship Services can be held. And when HHM receives missionaries from the USA, this will be a place where they can lodge and be fed, after their mission endeavors. Also there will be plenty of storage for all the materials and goods that will help the needy. Last, but not least, there are plans to build a place for teaching children without compromise!

The doors are open to work in the mission field. We guarantee you won’t be bored, but you will certainly be blessed! Your life will never be the same again. You will return to your hometown, filled with excitement, ready to encourage & share with others of how they too can reach out to those in need, making a difference in someone’s world!

Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:9



The following are some of the HHM projects…we need your help in fulfilling these needs:

· Children Outreach (need: Literature for Bible lessons, Spanish Children’s Bibles & Biblical Story Books, nice baby items/children’s clothing, shoes, etc.)

· Youth Outreach (need: Literature on moral standards, Christianity, Home, Spanish Bibles, nice youth/teen clothing, shoes, etc.)

· Women’s Outreach—Teaching the Importance of Home Care, Parenthood, Being Christ like, (need: Spanish Bibles & Christian Books, nice women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc.)

· Teaching Personal & family Hygiene Care (need toothpaste & toothbrush, combs, hair brushes, soaps, shampoo’s, lotion’s…all toiletries, towels & washcloths)

· Men’s Outreach—Teaching men the importance of taking a Godly role in the family (need Spanish Bibles & Literature, men’s clothing, shoes, caps, belts etc.)

· Schools (school supplies, book bags, uniforms)

· Homes (build outhouses, showers, wash area, repairs on roofs, walls, electricity, plumbing, doors, windows, etc.)

· Always in need of funds for food for the poor

· Storage bins for packing goods for Container

· Need funds to help get filled Container’s to Honduras


Mainly, we need you to come to Honduras and see first hand for yourself, the needs and work God has.

You will have a place to stay and one or two meals a day. Its up to you.

Make it a Mission trip and a vacation combine.

Sponsor a youth team to come to Honduras, or a married couple take a sweet vacation.

Blessings, I love you. Keep me in your prayers.


Send Donations to :

His Harvest Ministries

7113 San Pedro Ave. – PMB 293

San Antonio, Texas 78216


(210) 633-0921



soyla radcliff San Antonio,Tx


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